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0:38〜 Q1.スクワット時のときに関節に負担をかけない方法は?
3:05〜 Q2.最高のコンディションで出場した大会はいつ?
5:47〜 Q3.最も影響を受けたボディビルダーは?
6:08〜 Q4.肩を痛めたときにフローシングは効果的?
6:58〜 Q5.細胞核オーバーロードは効果あり?
8:17〜 Q6.肩のサイドを発達させるには?
8:39〜 Q7.肩のリアが苦手なのですが、何か良い方法は?
8:58〜 Q8.トレーニングシューズは何を履いてますか?


Q & A 8 selections:
Q1. How to avoid injury from Squating
First of all, you need to learn correct form. Fortunately I have never experienced any knee injury but I have had some hip problem. You need to remember even if you perform exercises with perfect form, you might experience some ach after 10-15 year of heavy lifting.
Q2. You have been competing for a long time. What show do you think you looked the best?
I have been competing since 1994 so it has been 26 years! I would say my best look was around 2009-2011 maybe Olympia or NY pro 2010. I was not focusing too much on conditioning back then but rather trying to come in full and round.
Q3. Who gave you influences most as a bodybuilder?
13 times Mr. Japan champion Toshio Konuma gave me huge impact on me as far as training intensity and relentless attitude.
Q4. I injured my shoulder. Does fascia muscle therapy work?
If you hurt your shoulder, you should see a doctor and do Xray to see what is really going on otherwise you would never know how to deal with it. I personally think fascia muscle therapy does not fix your shoulder problem. Again I’m no doctor. My advise to you is go to see a doctor!
Q5. Does nucleus overload training work?
Nucleus overload training is that training a body part for a month, you will have more growth. The belief is that if you train a muscle group every single day, the nuclei within that muscle increases and you have a better response. I believe it works for lagging small group of muscle such as rear delts.
Q6. Please tell me how to develop side head of deltoids?
I strongly believe Strong muscle= Big muscle, so in order to develop your shoulder bigger, you would need to lift heavy with 8-12 reps, with compound exercises such as military press, dumbbell shoulder press or hummer strength shoulder press etc.
Q7. How do you develop your rear delts?
You can try nucleus overload training for your rear delts!
Q8. What kind of shoes do you recommend for weight training?
I have many shoes not only just for training, I like to correct shoes its my hobby. As for training, I like wrestling shoes which mimic bare foot. I also like vibram 5 fingers shoes.

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